From gossiping to nesting

My friend, who’s 38 weeks pregnant, got a little antsy and impatient just recently that she hasn’t experienced any real and regular labor contractions yet. Adding fuel to the fire was gynae Loh telling her that the rest of her batch of preggie ladies have ‘graduated’ (given birth) at 37 weeks. Luckily, she realized that she should let nature takes its course, since the body knows when it’s time for the grand entrance. Of course we wouldn’t want baby to be fashionably late; after all this ain’t no Paris fashion week and baby is not Anna Wintour.

So my friend is stuck at home most of the time, waiting for her turn and has to while away time surfing the net and relaying gossips to me. She has a bunch of expectant mommy friends whom she got to know from pregnancy forums. Unlike her, I don’t check out these online communities to make friends or get info. The only time I did look up the forums was to dig out dirts on Loh in the early days. Other than this friend and a colleague, I don’t know of anyone else who’s pregnant. Almost all my friends are either single or married without kids or already have kids. So thank God for this friend who provided me with info on things to look out for or to check with the gynae. On my own, I check out websites like BabyCenter, WebMD, and Mayo Clinic. I know not everything is relevant to the Singapore context, but I feel I can get pretty good info (secretly I like to think I can use it to challenge Loh). But my husband warned me that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Anyway my friend told me about 2 expectant mommies who got themselves admitted into Thomson Medical Center yesterday, even though they were not experiencing regular contractions at short intervals. One is a patient of Loh, and apparently she claimed in her FB page that she was puking and felt like dying; and she was going to march into Loh’s clinic and demand to be admitted. So she did and she went through labor induction, not once but twice! The other lady also got herself admitted cuz she had cramps earlier in the day, even though the gynae couldn’t detect any contractions. Anyway the latter posted on her FB page, when she was waiting in the observation room, there was a patient there who was screaming like a banshee. The mommy clique joked that it might be the pushy lady, who isn’t liked by the clique. I did tell my friend that she wouldn’t wanna be in the observation room for more than 3 hours just waiting for contractions to get more frequent, because being in a room of screaming women is seriously cause for committing an assault.

According to Mayo Clinic, labor induction should be done only if necessary, for instance approaching 2 weeks beyond due date or uterus infection or water broke but no contractions, etc. The reason being there’re unnecessary risks when it’s done for non-practical reasons like higher chances of a C-section or uterine bleeding. This was what happened to the lady who demanded to be admitted and had 2 inductions. Labor didn’t progress further for her and she ended up with a C-section. There was another lady (friend of my friend) who insisted on an induction just so her son could be born yesterday, but guess what? She had labor for 26 hours till today. All I can say is that these women are really irrational, and I’m not sure why gynae like Loh gave in to the crazy demands. Maybe there’re valid reasons, which I really hope so.

My friend and I have been on a nesting mode. For my friend, there’s a sense of urgency and she’s finally managed to get all the stuff, done up the cot and packed her hospital bags. For me, I’ve been in nesting mode since 2nd trimester, and climaxed last weekend when I cleared out a number of stuff from the storage room, with help from husband, so that we can store baby items like a back-up stroller. I’ve been looking through my stuff to see what I should get rid off, like clothes which don’t fit or things I haven’t been using for a long time. There’s an urgency for me to get rid of my PC, computer table and chair, so that we can make room for the cot and movable storage. I’m targeting to do that by end March.

My husband and I have decided some time ago that we should avoid being hoarders, a problem that plagues a lot of people. He told me that we should store or give away baby stuff that’s not required, especially toys which have lost favor. In fact I don’t think baby should be given a lot of toys since they tend to be discarded after a while. It’s best to go for quality rather than quantity.


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