Food revisited

Turkish food
My husband and I enjoy Turkish food ever since we first tried it at Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant. We both love hummus with lavash bread, the kebabs and salad. For me especially since I love Mediterranean food. After checking Sofra a few times, we decide to try other Turkish restaurants in the vicinity of Arab Street. One is sufi Turkish and Mediterranean Cuisine, where we find the food to be even better than Sofra’s. Sufi’s food, though not as well presented as Sofra’s, has a lot more flavor, and apparently true to the Turkish cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch we had at Sufi where we ordered our usual favorites of hummus, lavash bread and kebabs, as well as a salad. One thing about Sufi though is that, unlike Sofra who’s pretty generous with vegetables in all their dishes, we don’t get as much vegetables with the kebabs. But Sufi has a wider selection in its menu.

Last Saturday, we tried out another Turkish restaurant which has pretty good reviews in the Hungrygowhere website, Alaturka. There was a good flow of lunch crowd while we were there, unlike Sufi which didn’t have many customers. Sofra has a much larger seating capacity than the other 2. So while lunch time crowd is not a lot (maybe because of the large area), the restaurant was almost filled during dinner time when I was there with friends earlier this year. Anyway Alaturka has the best reviews out of the 3 restaurants, but in our opinions the lowest ranked base on taste. Sure the presentation is rather nice, but the food is definitely not as flavorful as Sufi’s and Sofra’s. The hummus (seen in picture below, sorry picture was taken when it was half eaten) is a little bland, though it does comes with bread unlike at Sofra where you have to order separately.


We ordered the mixed kebabs, which come with rice, and they are pretty good; particularly the mutton though I find the chicken a little dry.


Like Sufi, Alaturka doesn’t provide a lot of vege in their main course. But the latter has better ambience. We also tried the dessert, Baklava, at both Sofra and Sufi. This is a pistachio pastry; the one from Sofra is pretty ok, but the one from Sufi is rather dry. So dessert is definitely not a strong point. In fact even though Sufi has the best food (ex dessert) among the 3 we tried, my husband doesn’t like the dingy environment there. So in terms of overall food and ambience, Sofra comes top. For all 3 restaurants, the pricing per person is around S$26.

French patisserie
I’ve reviewed Maison Kayser in an earlier post ‘Post Christmas Rambling’. This time I wanna mention their set lunch, and I’ve the quiche set.

The above is a lorraine quiche which comes with a small soup and baguette. Even though the quiche has bacon in it, and I don’t usually take pork, it’s simply yummy! My husband couldn’t help saying it was the best quiche he had eaten. If I remember correctly, the set is S$10.50. I also tried a pistachio tart.

We found that it’s a little too sweet for us though it’s pretty good.

I decided to try the baked goods from Paul. I got a chocolate croissant, a quiche and a loaf of mixed grain bread. The croissant and quiche are comparable to those of MK’s. The bread costed an arm and a leg at S$9.80, but it was one of the best bread we had eaten even though it wasn’t freshly baked. It tastes especially good after toasting and has a very full-bodied texture to it, unlike the cheaper bread. But whether it’s worth paying 3 times more than the average bread, you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Down with HK cafe
The reason I say this is because even Imperial Treasure Window to HK cafe as fallen down to the standard of other HK cafes. When we tried it after a couple of months of absence, my husband was very disappointed with his favorite roasted pork with rice (char siew rice) because the pork was dry. I had the fish porridge and I wasn’t pleased that the fish wasn’t deboned. I thought that was a basic thing to do. It turns out my husband’s fear has come true. After enticing people with reasonably good and relatively cheap food in the initial days, the cafe has taken the profiteering route by serving poor quality food to cut cost. We’ve decided to boycott the cafe now.


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