Mind boggling

My husband has been giving me puzzles to solve occasionally, since he’s a fan of them. He bought quite a few puzzle books including one on interview questions from Google ‘Are You Smart Enough To Work For Google’.

I’ve to admit I suck at puzzles, and tend to give up easily. My husband told me it’s like training for a marathon. You’ve to start slowly and so it’s expected to be daunted initially, but the puzzles help to develop brain dexterity. Anyway here are a few that I wanna share. Just because you’ve difficulty solving them, don’t be frustrated cuz I had difficulty too.

Puzzle 1:
You can cook 4 pancakes at any one time on a frying pan. Each side of a pancake takes half a minute to cook. You are asked to cook 6 pancakes within 1.5 minutes. How should you do it?

Puzzle 2:
At a party, the Master of ceremony asks Boy A the number of boys and girls he sees present. Boy A replies he sees equal number of boys and girls. The MC then asks Girl A the same question and she replies she sees twice the number of boys than girls present. How many boys and girls are there?

Puzzle 3:
There’re 300 people in a room comprising of both men and women, and they form a 100 teams of 3 each. Team with majority women tells lies whereas team with majority men tells the truth. Each team is asked the question on how many teams there are in the room, so team 1 says 1, team 2 says 2, and so forth. How many men are there in the room?

Puzzle 4:
(this is not too difficult, I managed to solve it with promptings from my husband)
There are 4 men wearing hats, 2 with white hats and 2 with black hats and they can’t see their own hat color. Man A is facing a wall which separates him from the other 3. Man B, C and D are also facing the same wall on the other side, one behind the other with B right in front. Man A and B are wearing black hat and C and D are wearing white hat. Who will be the first to know what color hat he is wearing? (Hint: my husband told me to think of this phrase from Sherlock Holmes in the ‘Hounds of Baskerville’, “the dogs did not bark.”

Try not to crack your brain with these puzzles.


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