Beauty update

I’ve been looking for an eyeliner that has good staying power, and I may have found it in French brand, Bourjois. The other day I bought the Liner Pinceau liquid eyeliner in black, which has fine brush.

The promotional material states that it has 16 hours of staying power, and I’ve to agree that, even though I’ve not worn it for that long, the staying power is rather good. Also, it dries pretty quickly which is convenient. Previously I had tried the Revlon’s liquid eyeliner, but I don’t think it has good staying power and also it caused eye irritation. So I switched to using the organic pencil eyeliners from Logona Cosmetics and Zuii Organic. They’re kind to my eyes but unfortunately staying power sucks.

So far, for the past few days of using the Bourjois’ eyeliner, I’m not sure why the application causes a pulling sensation on my eyelid but disappears after 5 secs. I’m not sure if it’s an indication of irritability. I’ll try again for one or 2 more days, but if it persists, I may have to stop using it. It’s best not to use anything that causes slight discomfort or irritation.

I’ve tested the Zuii liquid eyeliner, and I find that it doesn’t dry fast enough and also not water proof. Maybe there’s no organic eyeliner that is able to match the function of the non-organic one. So somehow something gotta give.

Recently I’ve added 2 lipsticks to my existing stash. First was this 100% natural lipstick from Bourjois, in a slightly pinkish tone called Rose. One thing I realize about natural or organic lipstick is that the color collection is significantly less than the normal lipsticks. I wonder why. I was hoping to get an orangey natural lipstick but couldn’t find any.


Below is how the color looks on my lips. I think it’s the lighting, but the real color actually looks less pinkish than in the picture. I pair this color with darker or brighter eyeshadows.


The other lipstick I bought is a very nice orangey color called Magnetic Coral from L’Oreal.



I think the color looks very good on my lip.

Since this is a brighter color, I pair it with pastel or light eyeshadows. Generally rule of thumb in makeup is if you want to emphasize your eyes, tone down lip color, and vice versa.

Last night I saw the Canadian program ‘Look Alike’ on TV, the makeup artiste brushed concealer along the outline of the lips to create a smooth line for the brightly colored lips and also to erase any jagged edges, because bright lipstick shows up flaws easily. That’s a pretty neat trick. But I also realize that in any photoshoot, the makeup takes hours to create that perfect look and this isn’t practical in real life. Seriously who has time to use lip brush to paint your lips and using concealer to correct flaws all the time? I just apply the lipstick straight on my lips which is what almost all women do. I think as long as you look presentable and no glaring makeup mistakes, it’s alright not to look perfect. After all being perfect looks too put together, a little fake.


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