The shopping trips

Last Friday, my husband and I checked out this baby product distributor, Baby Hyperstore, located at Kaki Bukit industrial area. We found out about this place and Baby Kingdom from a guy who was pushing his baby in a Cybex stroller at Kiddy Palace. My husband asked him where he got it from, and he told us about the stores and that they offer pretty good deals. Baby Hyperstore doesn’t have a website. In fact it seems to have a low profile. We couldn’t find the Cybex brand at Kiddy Palace, and we checked Baby Kingdom website and found that the brand is out of stock. So I called BH, and was relieved they have the products available. However the staff answering the phone (sounded like a Filipino) couldn’t give me the prices of the different strollers and car seat. She took down my name and number and told me a staff would provide me with the info. Well, nobody called me. So we decided to go straight to the shop to check it out. It’s pretty big, selling mainly car seats, strollers, and some cots, baby carriers and other stuff. There was no other customer when we arrived and only one service staff who was standing idly behind the cash counter.

We saw the Cybex strollers almost immediately and my husband beckoned to the staff to come over for his assistance. My husband wanted to check out the different models, particularly the Callisto, which he was initially eyeing. He tested the ease of maneuvering, operation, and whether it can accommodate the car seat. Turned out it was a good thing we did the testing, because the Callisto model turned out to be quite a pain to operate in terms of opening and closing the stroller. Not only that, the seat and cover have to be removed to fit even its own car seat. On the other hand, the Onyx model is quite easy to operate and maneuver, best of all, able to fit the car seat using 2 pieces of simple adaptor.

The store is trying to clear old stocks by offering deals like car seat with the Onyx stroller for S$419. My husband jumped at it as he doesn’t believe we could get a better deal elsewhere, and he doesn’t care that the car seat is a 2009 model or that the stroller is a 2010 model; besides, he pointed out, the car seat was voted as the best in Germany after it was launched. In fact he checked out Amazon and found that the BH deal is even better.

Yesterday we went to the Baby Fair at Singapore Expo, where apparently there were good deals to be found. We had expected the place to be thronging with mommies to be or new mommies. But turned out the electronics fair next door was even more popular. The Baby fair is held from yesterday to tomorrow, and to be honest, there were not a lot of stalls present. Some of the stalls are selling the same stuff, and it was a disappointment. But we did get some stuff for the baby.

We brought along a shopping list of baby needs given to us by a staff from the store ‘First Few Years’. It’s a damn long list and we seriously don’t think everything on it is necessary. We’re not sure why there’re bodysuits and there’re sleep and play suits, is a sleep sack or receiving blanket essential? My mom had told us that the cloth diapers (made of soft cotton) can be used as a swaddling cloth, and it’s definitely more cost effective and suitable than any blanket for our humid weather. Anyway we bought a set of 5 bodysuits, 3 bibs and 5 wash clothes for S$48 (US$38) as well as 5 pairs of socks for S$10 (US$8). We walked past a stall selling toys and bath tubs for babies, and my husband was enthralled by the colorful mobile and playthings. He couldn’t resist getting a Fisher Price gymini for the baby, a mobile musical arch which can be attached to a car seat or stroller to entertain him, changing mat, a foldable bath tub and splash mat, all for S$200 (US$159). Granted these products are old models and the store is clearing stocks, but who cares since the baby doesn’t know the difference.

Cybex (Anton) infant car seat with the musical arch. Hopefully this will bring some fun to baby Alex when he’s stuck in the car seat or stroller.


Here’s the gymini to keep Alex occupied.


Don’t be fooled by the picture, the bodysuit is actually rather small.


We couldn’t find any mittens at the baby fair and neither the cloth diapers. So my husband asked his parents to check out where the baby stores in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) are located and we would go over to check them out. He also did a little research online and found a shop in a mall near his parents’ house which has large variety of baby wear available, and the products are at least 30% cheaper than Singapore’s.

But I have to say, my husband and I are rather overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we need to get for the baby. My husband couldn’t help quipping, “Alex, do you come with an instruction manual? Is it on its way?” “Alex, do you come with money back guarantee?” “Shopping for baby is even more complicated than the Manhattan project!”

(Update on 19 Feb)
My husband and I went back to the baby Fair (today being the last day) to get another set of bodysuits, which are pretty value for money. Guess what? We found that the sellers dropped prices further. We got a set of 4 bodysuits and 5 socks for S$22 (US$17.50). And we also found out that there was a store selling the Cybex travel system of infant car seat and stroller for S$389, which is S$30 less than what we bought for, and there’re even a handheld fan and cup holder thrown in. So moral of the story: the baby fair does have better deals, and for items which are widely available in various stores, wait for the last day.

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