Makeup tips – Instant Eyeshadow

My colleague, Sherine, recommended this instant eyeshadow to some of us, which is called Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadows. It’s a one-application glamor eyeshadow in 3 tones, including the highlight color. From the pictures on the website, you can see a pair of tri-color eyeshadows on a flap, one for each eye. The eyeshadows are in shimmery powder form, and come in various color combo, including pastel, smokey eyes and party/clubbing colors. The website shows only the new colors. Here is the range of the older colors.


It’s very easy to use; simply press the flap with colors on the eyelid for 4 seconds, then swipe it in the appropriate direction. You then blend the colors with a brush, finger or back of flap if you feel the color outline is too harsh. Voila, you have a glamorous set of eyeshadows on your eyelids. To complete the look, you should apply eyeliner, falsies or mascara.

I tried a few color combo and like the convenience. The colors also have great staying power, and doesn’t smudge or melt even in the tropical heat. It’s pretty fun to try on various combo, though there’re some which don’t suit me well like the brownish colors. Below are some of the eyeshadow combo I bought.
From top to bottom: Midnight Meadows, Cotton Candy (new), Candilicious

From top to bottom: Pink Bloom, Tropical Sunset (new)

Most people think that the look is too heavy for everyday wear because of the shimmers. I’ve to admit that most color combos come in colorful intense color and more appropriate for evening or formal wear. But I think the pastel colors are alright. I’ve tried applying the Candilicious Cotton Candy colors for work, and used a Q-tip to remove some of the pink and blue, so that the colors are not so intense. The result turned out pretty well. You can wear shimmery eyeshadows to work, it all depends on the color and shimmer intensity. But I’ve to say that you can’t use this everyday as it’ll be too expensive. One box of 6 pairs costs MYR35 (about S$15 or US$12) and 2 boxes are MYR59 (about S$25 or US$20). So it’s good for formal occasions.

Sherine told me the instant eyeshadow products are from the US, and brands like Avon has been offering them. I was surprised when I heard that as I’ve not heard of them before. (Uh oh, I’m not so updated on makeup news after all.) I could have kicked myself for not checking them out when I vacationed in the US past few times. We’ve to purchase online from the seller, Michelle, in Malaysia. Other than her, I can’t find anybody selling this in Singapore, which is really strange. And I also wonder why the Koreans and Japanese are not coming out with their own instant eyeshadows too. But for all I know, they might have but it’s not picked up here.

So I did some research to find what other brands are available out there. There’re Color On Professional and Eye Magic . Avon doesn’t seem to sell the instant eyeshadow any more, since it’s not available in the online store. Anyway Color On Pro offers a large number of color combos but they seem to be mainly dark intense colors and they come in either sets of 10 (US$20) or 20 (US$30). I don’t find the colors exciting. As for Eye Magic, there’re less choices available but more interesting color combos.

(Update on 13 Feb)
At the request of a reader, I wore the Candilicious Pink Bloom color to work today so that I could took a picture of how the eyeshadows turns out. I did use the Q-tip to remove some of the shimmers so that the effect wasn’t intense or dramatic.

I had to keep my eyes closed to show the colors on the eyelid as these colors are rather light. I’ll try something darker in a couple of days’ time.

(Update on 15 Feb)
Found out from Sherine that Sephora Singapore is selling the Color on Pro instant eyeshadows. She also doesn’t like the colors available, and finds them not suitable for Chinese, and the colors seem more appropriate for older women. I absolutely agree with her; they are in boring shades of browns, greys, greens.. nothing fun like what Magic Eyes offer.

(Update on 17 Feb)
I applied the Tropical Sunset colors today and they’re more apparent. I thought they suit me rather well.




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