Filling in the gap

To those who’re getting sick of reading about pregnancy stuff, sorry about it but I’m suffering from blogging block (yes, that’s a mouthful). I haven’t found anything interesting other than funny pregnancy tidbits. This is not meant to be a political blog though I’ve strong views (wouldn’t want any unwanted scrutiny here). The holiday season is also over, which basically means back to the usual grind. And it’s not the right time to gripe about work and company either. So till I find something interesting to share, here’s to filling in the gap.

I think it was in Baby Center website that I read about pregnant lady having vivid dreams in the 2nd trimester. So the other day, the friend recounted to me she dreamt of going to Loh’s clinic and amazingly it was empty of patients. The nurse told her she could go into the consultation room to see him. And she found him with his leg propped up on the table, having a cheeseburger and reading the papers. He did a detailed 3D scan for her and because there was no other patients, he even had time to have a long chat with her. It felt weird for my friend. Then the dream continued with her going into labor and Loh strolled in all smiling, telling her everything would be fine, and the childbirth was a breeze. My friend wondered what he would say about her dream.

Honestly, I nearly rolled on the floor with laughter at the thought of the look on Loh’s face if my friend recounted the dream to him. Him having a cheeseburger, which is so unlike him. And no patients!!! What would he think? My friend is a little worried Loh may place her in the ‘looney patient’ category. I wish I could be present, ‘coz his look will be priceless. I think I was so tickled by the thought and the fact that my friend and I had been discussing about the Childbirth Education Course (CBE), that I actually had a related dream last night. In it, I was attending a CBE held at a large auditorium, and surprisingly Loh was taking attendance and turned out he was the instructor. Inside the auditorium there was some current hit song being played in the background and I wondered why Loh suddenly became so hip and cool. I remember putting my bag down on a seat and went out of the auditorium to look for my husband, but couldn’t find him. When I went back in, I couldn’t find my seat nor my bag. I went round searching for it, and eventually thought of the idea of asking someone for a phone to call mine so that I could detect where the ringing came from. I asked this lady to borrow her phone. Strangely she knew who I was even though I didn’t know her. She loan me her phone but it turned out the auditorium was so noisy that I couldn’t hear any phone ring. I continued to search for my bag but in vain. (To add to the context, I misplaced my phone two days ago but managed to get it back yesterday.)

So to those Freundian fans out there, analyze these 2 dreams. For me, I think my friend is projecting her wishes into her dream, that she didn’t have to wait so long to see Loh (last visit was a bloody pain) and she would have a smooth childbirth since she has been worried about that. As for me, I’m not sure if my dream means I’m searching for something (I don’t know what), or it was just my mind mixing up all the recent happenings and created a dream out of them. I have to say this was the first time I had vivid dream since my pregnancy.

My friend and I were gossiping about the dress sense and appearance of preggy ladies in general. Many of them are wearing muu-muu dresses and seriously look ‘auntie-like’ (a local description of a frumpy-looking woman). My friend’s friends who used to abhor those dresses have thrown appearance out of the window, going around looking like a tent. They marvel at my friend’s conviction to have basic makeup on. I’m amazed at their downhill slide. The babies are not here yet and already they’ve given up any effort to look presentable. I think one reason is their lack of imagination. Why do women think they have to look like a barrel in their pregnant state?

Till now I’ve not bought a single maternity wear and I hope I never will. Instead I found cheap, functional and flexible wear from Cotton On which can be paired with other outfits to give a trendy look. Things you can get from Cotton On are leggings, long tanks/tops, & elastic banded skirts. I got them a couple of sizes bigger than what I would wear pre-pregnancy so that I can still wear them even in my 3rd trimester. And because they’re cheap, I can get a number of items for the price of one maternity wear. When I get back in shape after childbirth, I can give them away or keep them for future pregnancy. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, for formal/office wear, get stretchy or empire-waist or wrap dresses and a good place to shop is Mango. During a recent sale, I got a few pieces at very reasonable prices.

As for makeup, I’ve been pretty diligent, more than my friend, because I put on full makeup including eyeshadow and blush and falsies. In fact I consider basic makeup inclusive of eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and lipstick, on top of foundation. Yes you can say I’m vain, but I believe that looking presentable is basic etiquette.

I’ve to relate what happened when my friend told Loh her dream. Luckily I was sitting on a couch, otherwise I would be rolling on the floor with laughter. After she recalled the dream to him, he asked “what was I eating again?” “Cheeseburger.” At that he exclaimed, “Jialat (bad)! cheeseburger is so unhealthy leh, I’m supposed to avoid it.” Then he continued, “what sort of cheeseburger was I eating?” “The wrapping looked like it was from McDonald’s.” He actually replied, “Aiyoh, so lousy! At least I should be holding one from Burger King. At least it has bacon in it.” My friend was lost for words at the hilarity of the situation.

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