Raging Hormones, Wacky Ideas

I received a lecture from my husband yesterday, and all because of a bathroom, to be more specific, attached bathroom of delivery suite at Thomson Medical Center, or lack of it. I’ve mentioned in another post (The Tour, The Scan and The Clinic) that TMC has 10 delivery suites and only 3 have attached bathrooms. It all started when my 7-month pregnant friend alerted me she had a fever the day before, and it was getting worse. So she emailed gynae Loh, but found out from a forum that he was away for the Chinese New Year holidays. She and her husband decided to go to the 24hr clinic at KKH as they were not confident of the medical attention she would get at TMC, besides KKH is known to have very good facilities, and since Loh was away, they didn’t know which doctor to ask for. She had been to the 24hr clinic before and experienced prompt service. She related to me later that KKH staff immediately put her in a private delivery suite for monitoring. The room comes complete with attached bathroom, TV, reclining chair for her husband etc, and despite the room not as fancy as TMC’s, it’s considered better particularly with the bathroom. However when the nurse asked her for her gynae and she was at a loss for words.

Anyway, she was tested for H1N1 virus, which has made a comeback, and luckily she was given the all clear and deemed ok to go home by the KKH nurse with medications for the fever. Her experience brought a few questions and an idea to my scheming mind, and I wondered to her if she had experienced prematured delivery at KKH, would that be deemed an emergency and Loh would then admit her. What if she goes to KKH for childbirth directly, would Loh be made to admit her as well? Ok, let me explain here that Loh told me he accepted KKH’s offer of the Visiting Consultant role with admitting rights, but his contract has restrictions. So I was wondering what those restrictions are, and whether we can game the arrangement by going straight to KKH, since our files are not closed, quoting Loh as our gynae and make him go to KKH for our childbirth. My friend was intrigued by the idea since there may be a way for us to dictate the hospital. She was going to find out from Loh about the possibility.

So I told my husband the ‘gameplan’, and he was incredulous, “you women are nuts! Of course you can’t do that! Loh’s admission rights are only for emergency cases. He can’t willy nilly admit any of you into KKH. The hospital will remove his rights, and TMC will get really pissed as well.” So if I forced Loh to go to KKH for my delivery, and got his admission rights taken away, the other patients who require emergency admission will curse me for it. My husband reminded me that when I told KKH that I was following Loh to TMC, I basically agree to have the birth delivery there. Anyway my husband doesn’t think Loh will fall for my plan, ‘coz he’s likely to tell KKH staff “Ah Seng, can you put these 2 idiots in an ambulance and send them to TMC?” (and charge the bill to the idiots). He told me he won’t participate in my stupid ruse if I go ahead with it, though poor baby Alex will be forced to tag along. Yeah I know my idea is too simplistic. My husband said I would have to cook up an elaborate ruse of a serious emergency, with fake blood thrown in, that will scare the shit out of Loh, so much that he’ll send me straight to KKH.

Said Husband, “all because of a toilet? So what if it’s not inside the room? You can call for the nurse to help you since you’ll need assistance anyway.” I told him my friend received good medical attention at KKH, and my husband questioned, “how do you know you won’t get it at TMC? Anyway don’t you know only the doctors have admission rights? It’s not up to the patient to decide. If you can game the system, it’ll collapse.” So yeah, my husband was totally exasperated with my crazy idea which he attributes to raging hormones that caused my emotions to go out of whack. My friend and I can only lament why Loh had to leave KKH for TMC. It’s really a funny irony for me.


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