Battle of the Christmas trees

Christmas is round the corner, and as expected the malls in Singapore are decked to the hilt a month ago, and Orchard Road started its usual Christmas light up in mid November. It’s not as if most people celebrate Christmas here or are Christians, but purely commercialization to the nth degree. In fact other than Chinese New Year, Christmas is the other festive holiday that is “celebrated” in a major way in this country. So after Christmas is over, the malls, shops and office buildings etc., will take down their decorations and immediately replace with those of Chinese New Year which is between late January and mid February (base on the lunar calendar). Christmas is supposedly about giving, peace and winter wonderland, which is reflected in the Christmas carols, though we know what the reality is. On the other hand, Chinese New Year is about prosperity (yeah, I want health but give me more money please). Most Chinese New Year songs are about getting rich. Wishing prosperity to others is de rigor Chinese New Year greeting. In fact, in Singapore, even prosperity wishes have become part of the Christmas greeting. So I don’t know what is worse, consumerism or in-your-face wishing for wealth. Anyway someone should tell the Chinese, if everybody is rich, then no one is rich.

Alright, now back to something more fun. It’s the time of the year when Christmas trees are pretty much in your face. So let’s the battle of the prettiest Tree begins.

I put up the tree in our house this year. My husband bought it last year together with most of the tinsels and ornaments. I wasn’t so sure if we should get one ‘cos it’s usually fun to put one up but a pain to take it down. But my husband wanted a festive cheer in the house. So I reused last year decor for the tree.


My office also has a Christmas tree but it’s so scrawny that it can’t be placed at the reception area. Instead it’s standing in the pantry. Honestly I think my house tree looks much better.


My office neighbor, a Scandinavian company, has a pretty nice tree but it has a cold feel to it. Maybe to reflect the freaking cold weather in northern Europe. I was told this is a real tree.


The building management of my office tower installed a really big tree in the lobby. It looks like a giant cone!


My friend, Jenny, who works in Hong Kong, sent me this outdoor Christmas tree in the business district of HK. I thought it’s a little thin, maybe it didn’t get fed enough.

Jenny had her picture taken with a tree at the Intercontinental Hotel where her company held their office Dinner and Dance last week. It’s a very nicely decorated and sparkly tree. In fact I thought Jenny’s mask and dress match the color theme so well.

Here’s the one from her office. Nice tree but paltry decoration. Did the company spend too much on the tree or what?

This is the Christmas tree outside 112@Katong mall. There is a board on the tree that said 112 but iPhone camera can’t pick it up. (note to Apple: pls improve camera function if you’re not already working on it.) Anyway the tree is not exactly beautiful.


I was at Vivocity mall and Tangs departmental store has its usual Christmas store at the open space on the ground floor foyer. Like before, there are 3 decorated trees of different themes to provide ideas to consumers. We got our tree and ornaments from Tangs last year after being inspired by a gold and red themed tree. In fact this year, they have the same theme for one of the trees, called ‘Ever Green’, the one in the foreground.

But my favorite of the 3 trees is the ‘Rainbow Connection’, a really colorful and beautifully decorated tree.

At Vivocity, there is a giant tree on the roof top. My husband suggested to me to take the picture from an angle that will also take in the reflection from the rainwater on the ground. I saw many just focused on the tree; my husband commented most people tend to miss the forest for the tree.


Additional note on 23 Dec:
My husband and I brought his mum to Orchard road last night to view the Christmas light up. Here’s a photo of my mother-in-law and me taken with the Christmas tree at Ion Orchard.


This year, the Christmas color at Orchard road is blue and white. Even though it’s not as colorful a previous years, it does give a sense of a chic winter mood.


Tang departmental store has one of the best Christmas decor on the street.


Here’s a beautiful Christmas tree on display at my church.



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