Journey to motherhood 4 – a beautiful picture

Had another appointment yesterday at the Private Suite, KKH. I was scheduled to see SF Loh at 7.10pm, but I was slightly late because of the rain, actually only 5 minutes late. But guess what? Loh hadn’t even begun to see patients yet. So by the time it was my turn (and turned out I was the last one), it was almost 9pm.

So my husband and I were waiting inside the consultation room for Loh to finish with an earlier patient in another room. As usual he was moving between 2 rooms. When my husband was away in the bathroom, Marlene (the nurse) and I had a chat. I know Marlene from my multiple visits to the private suite, she assists Loh most of the time. She asked me how I was doing and I said I was hungry and tired. She was surprised I hadn’t had dinner yet. I asked about her and turned out she also hadn’t had dinner. She said she had got used to working late on Wednesday’s and Fridays when Loh is on duty at the suite. Apparently Loh’s consultations tend to end pretty late, unlike other doctors. She told me many IVF patients ask him a lot of questions and so drags the consultation time. Yep, that was what happened during my wait. Each patient seemed to take 15 minutes or more.

Marlene then told me that Loh would be leaving KKH. I wasn’t surprised by the news. Truth is I first learned about this from my blog. Yep, I checked the search referral and saw “sf Loh leaving KKH” and got curious. So I did a google search and found out from another blog that he is leaving for Thomson Medical Center. Anyway more on this later. Marlene asked me if I was going to follow him. I told her, “if he’s nice to me” and we both laughed.

Anyway I was still kept waiting in the room when Marlene came back in. She was very apologetic when she told me Loh was called off for a delivery. If I wanted to wait for him, it would take another 30 minutes. Otherwise another doctor could see me. I decided not to wait. Hell, it could take more than 30 minutes and I was already famished then. So I agreed to have another doctor see me and it turned out to be Lady Marianne. I’ve seen her a number of times at the IVF center, in fact I met her for consultation once after a scan there. I call her Lady Marianne ‘cos Marianne is her first name and it reminded me of the character from “Robin Hood”.

Lady Marianne is the opposite of Loh. For one, she has very good bedside manner. (Come to think of it, the nickname is befitting of her.) She also told me that Loh was leaving and asked if I wanted to follow him. To that, I replied, “if he is good.” She looked at me, a little startled. Hey, I was just kidding! Anyway she didn’t rush me through the scan. Unlike Loh, she engaged me in a chat first, asking me if I knew how big the baby was (12.5 weeks), if I had constipation, and what was my experience with this pregnancy. So I listed out a litany of complaints: lower backache, itchy scalp (really pain in the ass), minor breakouts on my face (urgh, hate it) etc. When she saw me in my 3-inch boots, she exclaimed, “wah, you’re still wearing heels?” I was like, no these are not heels, they are boots. “Not heels? They are so high!” See, you only get these concerns from a lady, not a guy, particularly one like Loh. He won’t be able to tell a pump from a stiletto or kitten heels.

Anyway the scan showed the baby developing pretty well. Lady Marianne even pointed out to my husband and I that the baby was rather active, kept waving and moving, though I won’t be able to feel it yet. My husband was pretty excited when he saw the image, and described the baby was exercising to prepare for the marathon of life. Lady Marianne even suggested the baby was sucking his/her thumb, saying, “look, so cute!” She was more excited than me! But I’m really happy the baby is doing so well. She told us it was still too early to determine gender of baby, probably a few weeks later. I told her I prefer a girl but my husband prefers a boy. Oh well! Anyway Lady Marianne told me not to worry about not gaining weight. Most important is for me to have a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise moderately. She arranged for me to see Loh before Christmas, one last time at the private suite.

I like Lady Marianne, very reassuring. But I think she needs to put on a bit more muscles. She seems to be even thinner than me, and I’m already considered underweight. She should take more meals and exercise to build up her physique. Right now her dress just hangs over her frame, not draping nicely.


3 thoughts on “Journey to motherhood 4 – a beautiful picture

  1. Heya! Okay sorry for my repeated comments since I just realized I wasn’t reading from the latest post entry back 🙂 Anyhow, I’d be seeing Dr Loh just before Christmas too 🙂

    • Hi there,

      No worries about the various comments. Yes, I’ve decided to follow Loh to TMC, which is actually quite an ironic twist of events. He’s a pretty funny guy when he gets comfortable with you. But not very responsive to email queries, or maybe he doesn’t think my queries are urgent. I hope he’s more responsive when he’s at TMC. I’m seeing him on 21 Dec in the evening. I forgot I’m on leave that week, so am gonna change it to early afternoon. Thank you for your consolation, I’ve gotten over the loss of the other twin, with support from my husband. How far into the pregnancy are you?

  2. Hi!
    Same here, got to agree that he’s a very funny guy (certainly has his own sense of humour) when he gets comfortable. Was deciding between him and another pte gynae but the last few visits, he seemed very positive, very pro-life about my diagnosis vs. what the other was telling me and I went out feeling like a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders. Oh yes, his one-liner emails…like you I reckon that he might be more responsive when he’s at TMC. What a coincidence, I’m seeing him on 21 Dec too, late afternoon though. Am currently almost 22 weeks now. 🙂


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