Journey to motherhood 1 – off to a jittery start

After various false starts and dead ends, the journey finally got headway with the frozen cycle on 10th September. Since this won’t be subsidized, I could basically have more than 2 embies implanted. I was contemplating between blastocyst and 2-day embies. When I discussed with SF Loh, he suggested the former, surprise! Or maybe not, he still remembers my earlier obsession with blastocyst. But I found out that the chance of a blastocyst thawing well is not as high as 2-day embies, which was confirmed by Loh. So I went with 3 embies.

Before the implant, I collected the embryo report from the lab at the KKH IVF center. It was seriously rather scanty in information, nothing we didn’t know already. I remember Loh had once given me a rather detailed report when I asked for it. So when I saw the embryologist, I asked her for one but she got confused. I gave up, and when Loh came into the op theatre, I told him the report given was too brief and I wanted a detailed one on the status of the frozen embryos. He looked at me and asked, “Maria, I thought you’re opposition supporter? How come you’re acting like the PAP?” That totally caught me off-guard, I couldn’t get a single word out of my mouth. He laughed and patted me on my knees and said, “just joking, just joking!” (Still couldn’t find my tongue then, but I’ll have a come-back line next time.)

Anyway this transfer process was the most relaxing and jovial one ever, ‘cos everybody (including the nurse) joined in the political banter over the recent Presidential election. Loh even joked, “I don’t mind paying to be the President, can live in a big house, got driver and car, travel all over the world! Some more Istana so close to KKH, can walk here. Ehh… I can’t be a gynae if I become President right? Aiyah!!”

After the implant, the embryologist gave us the pictures of the 3 embies. I asked her about the thawing of frozen blastocyst compared to 2-day embryo, and she told me that they have good experience with the embryo, 80% success rate, but only 50-60% with blastocyst. The reason being they don’t deal with many blastocyst. So embies turn out to be lower risk.

Anyway you wouldn’t believe this but after the procedure, my husband and I went to watch a Korean movie “I Saw The Devil”. We had only a little inkling of what the storyline was. It turned out to be a movie about a vicious serial killer who abducted women, raped and killed them. In the initial scene, he abducted a young lady who pleaded for her life, telling him she was pregnant, but he went ahead to chop off her head. Yeah, I know, I was mad to watch the movie, especially since I had heart palpitations during a number of scary scenes. In fact that afternoon, I found I had light spotting, I wondered if the embies got scared too.

I was anxious to know the result of the implant and did a pregnancy urine test, and lo and behold, I got double lines. I went to the IVF center for the blood test earlier than scheduled, on a Saturday. I was told the result would only be out on the following Monday morning. But I didn’t get any call on Monday. My husband told me to call them in the afternoon, and it took me some time before I could get hold of anybody on the line. I was told they had to check and someone would return my call. I waited and waited and it was after 5.30pm already and I still hadn’t received any call. I called again, mentally prepared for the negative news. (Was the scary movie to blame?) I was put on hold, and when the staff came back on, she apologized that they had earlier misplaced my result but luckily they managed to retrieve it. I forgave her when she told me the good news, also the hCG level was pretty high. Yay! We survived the scary movie!


9 thoughts on “Journey to motherhood 1 – off to a jittery start

  1. Hi there, I have been reading your IVF journey as I am currently going through it myself and in the 2ww stage. If you don’t mind me asking in this particular posting, if I read it correctly, did you write that you did a urine pregnancy test on the same day after the egg transfer and got a positive? If that is so, that’s really fast….!

    • Hi there,

      No, I didn’t do the urine test immediately after the embryo transfer. I might have done it at least 2 weeks after. I wrote the post in retrospection, and basically compressed my experience in a series of posts, so it seems like everything was fast forward which isn’t the case in reality.

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      • Thanks for the clarification! Btw, thanks for sharing your IVF journey. It was insightful for me. I am waiting with anxiety for my blood test next week.

      • Good luck. I don’t how many cycles you’ve been through, but it’s always good to have a “que sera” mindset, so that you don’t feel anxious about it all the time, or agonize or obsess about it.

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      • Thanks, it’s my first time. Today is the 7th day after ET, I’m trying to distract myself. On another note, about the mandatory insurance from GE, I find it a little unfair that we have to pay about $300 without even knowing whether if it’s successful.

      • Yes you’re right that it’s unfair to pay for insurance without any indication of success. I also don’t understand why there is only one provider. But this place is hardly known for vibrant competition anyway.

        I suppose you’re undergoing treatment at KKH?

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      • I’m with Dr SF Loh at TFC (starting in Dec was great, not much queue cos everyone is on holiday mode). I found your blog after starting my stimulation.

      • All the best! If you’re lucky, you may hit the jack pot at first try. Otherwise, will have to patient. I only succeeded during the 3rd cycle.  

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