Baby Odyssey – part 2 (I hate OHSS)

As mentioned in part 1, I didn’t have the embryo transfer as scheduled because of the bloody OHSS. Instead SF Loh suggested I wait for a couple more days to see how my situation was and to allow the embryos to grow. Unfortunately the OHSS seemed to have gotten worst after I left the hospital. I could hardly eat and even had difficulty breathing, and felt pretty weak all over. Loh was stumped by the seriousness as he had put me on an antagonistic cycle for this fresh cycle, which supposedly reduce the risk of OHSS. My husband got alarmed because I looked like I was on my death bed. I think he was about to call in the priest for the last rite.

I wrote to Loh about the symptoms I had, and he got worried and told me to see him that afternoon. He thought I might need to be hospitalized to remove the fluid from inside me. But it was late afternoon then and I didn’t like the idea of hospitalization when a big needle might be stuck into my tummy. I told Loh he might as well just kill me. Luckily my breathing improved slightly over the day, and the bloating was slightly alleviated. I kept taking protein like eggs, soy milk which is supposed to reduce the symptoms. Well, I can tell you, they don’t work.

My weight actually increased by almost 3kg over a few days. For someone who only managed to gain 2kg over 11 years, this was nuts! Anyway Loh still thought it was better for me to be hospitalized for a day. He told me to see him the next morning at Clinic D. When I arrived, I was told he was in operation the whole morning, and I could only see him in the afternoon at the private suite. I was like, “He told me to come all the way here and he’s not able to see me, particularly in my terrible state? What is the meaning of this?” But since I’ve grown up, I decided not to throw a tantrum. Anyway I tried to have a good lunch at Imperial Treasures at MBS, but still couldn’t really enjoy much of the food because of my bloated tummy. (But I found out they make fabulous peppery pig stomach soup.)

So I had no choice but to return to KKH in the afternoon to see Loh. When he saw me, he exclaimed, “wah, you look good. You look like you’re pregnant but still able to hide the tummy.” I told him, “if I’m really pregnant, I’ll buy you dinner” and he laughed. It turned out he was expecting me in the morning, and he apologized after he found out what happened. In a way I was pregnant, but with water and gas. I told him the medication for OHSS (cabergolin) didn’t work, but he insisted it would. He probably was thinking to himself “你以为是仙丹啊?"(“You expect a magic pill?”)

Again, no embryo transfer this time. I had to wait for the next ovulation period. Poor me had to endure the bloody OHSS for 2 weeks!! Loh told me to drink lots of water despite the bloatedness because I was dehydrating. In fact the more water I take, the more water will be expelled from the body. Thank God when the menstruation came, because of the hormonal changes the OHSS was gone for good. My husband commented later that I was a drama queen during that episode, scared the hell out of everybody that I might need hospitalization. I was hoping I won’t suffer like this when I got pregnant. Then I might have to reconsider.


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