What do you wanna eat?

That’s a very common question asked among Singaporeans. I get it all the time from my husband. It not just refers to the type of food but also the eatery/restaurant. I’m rather particular over the quality of the food. My husband has commented numerous times that if we’re suffering from a famine now, I’ll be the first to kick the bucket. If that happens, so be it. Anyway let me recommend some rather good eateries here. They may or may not be known to most people.

There are a number of so-called Hong Kong style cafe, or 茶餐厅. Most of them serve seriously crap food, and yet they have a rather steady stream of customers. Makes me wonder at the taste buds of Singaporeans. Anyway the one which has received both mine and my husband’s thumb’s up is Imperial Treasure Windows of Hong Kong, located at 111@Somerset, #01-K1/24/25, next to Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant. The menu is not as extensive as the run of the mills eateries, but the general quality is much better, a reflection of the consistently good quality food at Imperial Treasure Group.

My husband loves the BBQ pork that’s either served with rice or noodles. The cafe also serves rather good cantonese food such as claypot rice with chicken and kailan, congee and even beef brisket curry. But I don’t think much of the sandwiches and toasts. I had tried the egg and tomato sandwich as well as the peanut butter thick toast, and I find them not particularly tasty. The egg and tomato sandwich is not toasted and the mayonnaise doesn’t taste fresh. The thick toast is overly thick and there isn’t enough peanut butter.

I’ve not tried the other western dishes, so I can’t say how they are. But in general, if you go for the Chinese food, you can be assured of good quality. Take note though, don’t go for the cheap deal. My husband had the BBQ pork noodle at a special price, and the char siew sucks! The prices are rather cheap. You can have a meal for less than $10.

Imperial Treasure also has a bakery shop at the same location, close to the entrance of the mall. As far as I know, this is their first and only bakery. I’ve not tried many of the selection, only the shredded coconut puff, and the pastry with lotus seed paste and salted duck egg. I thought they are quite good, and I love the combo of the latter, that’s why I love mooncakes.

Another restaurant that is much loved by my husband and myself is this Italian restaurant at 338 Tanjong Katong Road, Bruno’s Pizzeria and Grill. The food is awesome and reasonably priced. One of our favorite dishes is Tasmanian mussels in spicy tomato sauce. The mussels are succulent and sweet, and we love the sauce which is like a soup on it’s own. The spice gives it a wonderful kick.

Other equally fabulous dishes are the squid ink pasta, Calzone, and the seafood soup, which is so hearty and yummy. We also find that Bruno does fish dishes very well. We have tried their grilled seabass and salmon. The fish is so fresh and grilled to perfection that it melts in-your-mouth. I like the black truffle pizza. Bruno is very generous with the truffle, that you will literally go overdose on it. But it’s a little too rich for us. We had only tried one of their desserts, creme brûlée, which is so well done. The problem is we are usually so full after the main course that we can’t take dessert. I think we have a tendency to order too many appetizers. Honestly speaking, we can’t think of a dish we don’t like, other than the escargots. But it’s not that Bruno doesn’t do it well, but I am not into the taste. The prices at Bruno are reasonable, considering the good quality of the ingredients. Comparing it to Pizzeria Mozza, we find that even though the former has slightly better food, Bruno is value for money. We paid about $170 for the mussels, calamari, salad, grilled salmon and the calzone.

We like this Indian restaurant at East Coast road, Zaffron Kitchen (135/137 East Coast Road), located at the junction corner with Joo Chiat Road. It served both northern and southern Indian cuisines. We tried the appetizer, Bhel Puri, for the first time and love it. It’s puff rice with chopped cucumber, onions, tomatoes with peanuts. Zaffron also serve pretty good curries and tandoor dishes. We have tried that mutton curry, vege curry, and fish curry, and also chicken and vege tandoori. But if you’re in a hurry, don’t order the tandoori dishes because they take pretty long to prepare. And order an appetizer or light bite together with the tandoori dishes, at least you’ll fill your stomach first while waiting for the latter. The last time we were there, an Indian family ordered the tandoori dishes, and when they arrived, the husband made a ruckus on the dishes taking so long. But the lady boss managed to pacify him, and probably the good food helped too.

The kitchen at Zaffron needs to beef up on their tandoori cooking technique to speed up the process. There was once when we were there, the restaurant was rather crowded. The butter chicken dish we ordered was not done well. Some of the chicken pieces were actually under cooked. Anyway when you are there, you have to try their prata, it’s crispy and not overly oily. I have to say the best prata I’ve eaten. The last time we were there, we tried the Briyani for the first time. I had chicken Briyani and my husband had mutton Briyani. It’s tasty but I find that the portion is too much for me. I could only finish half the rice. So, if you’re a small eater, share the Briyani with someone. The prices at Zaffron are also reasonable. It’s around $35 per person if you order a few dishes including curries and appetizer. During the weekdays, Zaffron serves lunch set such as Briyani chicken set and chicken curry prata set etc, which comes with a choice of ice drink, and it costs only $12.90.

So there you have it, 3 recommendations for the day.


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