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There are many products out there that claim to be able to reduce/tighten pore size and refine skin texture. The latest products I’ve tried are from Vichy Laboratories’ Normaderm series: Daily Exfoliating Cleansing Gel, Anti-Imperfection Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream, Normaderm Refine – Total Pore Resurfacing Essence (serum), Normaderm Nuit – Anti-Imperfection + Rejuvenating Care (night moisturizer), and Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care (day moisturizer).

I have oily/combination skin with occasional breakout. So I chose the normaderm series to control the oil secretion. Because of my skin condition, I don’t have porcelain smooth skin. Instead my face developed large pores. Anyway I have to say that my skin condition didn’t get worst after using them, but I don’t see any significant improvement either.

In my opinion, all these products that claim to reduce pore size or even cover up pores are purely marketing gimmicks. The only effective way to tighten pores is to go for Mixto laser treatment which really shrinks your pores and reduces fine lines. The treatment burns away the top layer of the skin and enables new skin to grow underneath it, and the new skin is also tightened. Also, collagen production is activated which then plump up the new skin. Naturally the treatment is not cheap.

I had the mixto treatment done a few years ago at Specialist Skin Clinic and even though I only had one pass (one passing of the laser over my skin), the result was pretty good as the pores were significantly reduced in sizes. I had considered if I should go for another round of treatment but I’m not sure if the result will be significant.

Anyway I’m now using an eye gel from the Clinic (Conditioning Eye Serum) which claims to help minimize puffiness, dark circles and improves firmness around the eye area, and a moisturizer from Paula’s Choice (Skin Balancing Moisture Gel). I have to be honest that the gel doesn’t seem to make any visible improvement to the under-eye areas. As for the moisturizer, it does help to calm my face and reduces redness due to sensitivity. It’s for oily and combination skin and so it doesn’t make my face greasy. I’m now using it both day and night. For day time, I use a sunblock on top of it.

The dermatologist I’m seeing at the Clinic is Dr Phay, and she told me once that to have good skin, sunblock and vitamin C are key. She also told me that the problem with many of the beauty products is that they don’t go through rigorous clinical trials and so results are not proven unlike drugs. When I asked her about getting rid of eye-bags, she said that even laser treatment doesn’t produce significant result. The only sure way is through eye-bag removal surgery.

I think what Estee Lauder said about ‘hope in a jar’ is true. Many women are buying hope through beauty products. I’ve read up quite a few articles on reducing wrinkles and slowing down aging process. Basically the key recommendation is to have a healthy lifestyle which includes eating healthy in moderation, no smoking, reduce drinking, and exercise. Adding to this, use sunblock when you go under the sun.

Most women use sunblock on their faces, but strangely not on their bodies. Unfortunately as you age, it’s not just your face which is showing but also the skin on other parts of your body like your neck for instance. Many people also don’t realize how beneficial exercise is for slowing down the aging process. But you need perseverance to start off with moderate exercise before ramping up to running at least 20 km/12.5 miles a week and doing weights exercises. When you exercise, your body will also suffer from injury, and the body will repair itself and strengthen the muscles and at the same time slow down cell change.


3 thoughts on “Beauty tips – skincare

  1. I think you are so right about many of the products out there. To read the ads you would think that face lifts would be a thing of the past and we would all have baby soft glowing complexions without a flaw.

    The cosmetic companies often talk about a huge percentage of users getting great results from their products but then they select their testers with care.

    You can still make a difference by caring for your skin and using a good sunscreen but you get just as good results from cheap beauty products as expensive ones.

    • Hi Jan,
      Totally agree with you. Yet women can be such suckers when it comes to beauty products. Even though my logical brain tells me it’s all marketing gimmicks, yet part of me is hoping it’s true and I’ll get the perfect feature as touted. It’s a struggle to counter the marketing brainwashing.

      • I can’t say that I don’t buy them either – I have shelves full of products not living up to their expectations 🙂

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