Beauty tips – makeup feedback

I have oily/combination skin. Contrary to conventional belief, it’s not my T-zone that’s oily. Well, yeah I do have oily forehead, but my cheeks are especially oily and my nose is relatively drier. So I’m interested in products that can control shine or help makeup stays. Many products make that claim but to be honest, I’m skeptical that there is any that keeps me from blotting my face after 4 hours. Maybe it’s the humidity and heat, though I think it’s also due to my skin condition.

I’m using a primer or makeup base (L’oreal – Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer) under my foundation / BB cream to help the makeup to stay. I have to say that the effect is better than without the primer. The product claims that it helps to cover up pores and fine lines and provides a flawless finish for the foundation. On my face, the flaws are partially covered. It does minimize fine lines and partially the pores.


I tried the primer under the Kose foundation (Infinity Prime Couture Liquid Foundation SPF 20), the Vichy Laboratories foundation (Norma Teint Anti-Imperfection Foundation) and the Vichy Laboratories BB cream (Aera Mineral BB SPF 20). I find that BB cream + primer has better coverage. To be honest, the primer doesn’t truly meet its claim of a more flawless makeup result that lasts, at least not for me. My face doesn’t appear flawless, though there is partial coverage of flaws like redness. And with the foundation, it still does get a little shiny after a few hours but not as bad as without primer. I only have to touch up my face with compact powder once in the day. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the primer result.




Comparing the foundations and the BB cream, I have to say the foundations provide medium coverage, with the Kose one providing slightly better coverage. In fact for the Vichy Lab foundation, it is actually a little too drying for me and my skin became a little flaky and even cakey after a few hours. I’m not sure if it was because of the absolutely freaking hot weather, but the effect didn’t look good. The Kose foundation covers better. It claims that it is able to cover pores and skin blemishes. I have to say the coverage is only partial, and my face is not porcelain smooth but rather ok. As for the BB cream, When I apply it I don’t have to use concealer. It makes the face slightly ashen upon application but will blend in with the skin color after 5 minutes or so, at least for mine. Also I notice that when I’m not in an aircon room whole day like in an office, my face doesn’t look shiny with both the primer and BB cream, even after 6 hours. One thing I realize is that it’s best not to apply too much foundation or BB cream, otherwise they’l become cakey when mixed with the oil secretion from the face. I use 3 half-pea size portions, one on my forehead, on on my right cheek and the last on my left cheek and then blend.

The sunblock from Vichy Lab (UV Pro Secure SPF 40) claims it can also act as a makeup base. Unfortunately I think it is good only for sunblock. I don’t find it effective in enhancing coverage or keeping makeup intact. In fact products that claim multiple functions are really only good for one function. For instance a moisturizer with sunblock has moisturizing function but not as good as a sunblock. So it’s best to use one product for one function on it’s own, that means separate moisturizer and sunblock.


It’s also important to use an eyelid primer (I use Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer) which helps the eyeshadow to stay mostly intact throughout the day. This product is pretty good, at least it works for me.

I also use a concealer for the delicate eye areas. I tried the Murad (Perfector) which is pretty useless for an expensive tube. Though I can’t remember exactly how much it costed but it was more than $50. It has absolutely no coverage. Even the CyberColor eye concealer has slightly better coverage than it. I’m also trying the L’Oreal eye concealer which also has a little coverage. One thing I’ve realized is that you can’t put too much foundation or concealer under your eyes if there are fine lines, it’ll make them more obvious. Basically less is more to cover up the fine lines. Also avoid putting powder on areas with fine lines particularly under the eyes, again the powder accentuates the lines. In fact best to just apply moisturizer/sunscreen and just a small dab of foundation or BB cream underneath the eyes, and if necessary a little concealer to cover up the dark circles. When applying anything round the eye areas, use the ring finger and dab gently.

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I admit I have not tried a lot of brands, particularly the high end brands. That’s because I don’t think it’s worth paying a lot of money for products that won’t work and worst the color is not right. I have bought expensive dud products quite a few times. It’s ok to get the mass market brands since I won’t feel much pain in dumping it. But since these high end brands are pretty expensive in Singapore compared to those available in many countries, I just feel it’s a waste of money to splurge on an unknown product.

I rely on reviews to get feedback on makeup products but I also realize what works in general for others may not work for me. So there’s a lot of trial and error, and unfortunately a lot of wasted money too. I have not found the HG product for flawless complexion. In fact I suspect no cosmetic products can do that despite all the marketing claims.<


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