Beauty tips – false eyelashes

In my first post, I advocated why false eyelashes (also known as falsies) are better than mascara. Many women are fascinated by falsies, particularly the amazing effect it has on the facial appearance. Yet they are intimidated by how to put them on. Partly because some have experienced discomfort from the first attempt, others are not used to the feeling that there is something on their eyelid. I can understand the hesitation. When I first put them on, I could feel the falsies weighing on my natural lashes, and could see blurred outline of the falsies in my views. It’s true it took some getting used to. I persevered, and I’ve been using falsies for more than 1.5 years now, and I usually don’t feel the falsies unless I didn’t put them on properly.

I learned how to put on falsies from a YouTube video put up by this famous Singaporean blogger, Xiaxue. (Personally I don’t like her but at least she did put up a couple of useful stuff.) Naturally the first attempt took a long time. I can’t remember exactly but it probably took me half an hour just to put them on. Over many months, I have learned from trial and errors and tips on how to put on the falsies properly and quickly and making sure they are comfortable. One problem many newbies face is that the falsies scratch the inner corner of their eyes and make them really uncomfortable. The reason for this is that the falsies are not cut to a comfortable length. Most falsies come in the long length of 3.3cm or 3.4cm. There are some pre-cut ones at 2.6m, which are convenient but don’t come in many styles. I learned this from the Stella brand that the falsies should be cut to 3/4 or even 2/3 length of your eyelid starting from the outer corner. This way the lashes will not irritate the inner corner of your eyes. Even for the pre-cut ones, you will also need to put them against your eyes to make sure the length is comfortable because everyone has different eyelid length. Even the eyes on the face are not the same. My left eyelid is slightly shorter than my right.

If you feel uncomfortable with the falsies weighing down heavily on your natural lashes, pick one with ultra thin lash band and shorter lashes. It might still take a bit of getting used to, but you’ll not feel it after a while. Also they look pretty natural, and people might not realized you’re wearing falsies but thought you’ve naturally luscious lashes. Also shorter lashes are suitable for work since they are not as dramatic.

I have learned from experience that you have to handle falsies with different lash band thickness differently. The Stella brand of falsies, which I’m using, have the natural series where the lash bands are ultra thin. Then there are the flex or double flex series where the lashes are dense and the lash band is thick. There are also others with lash band size in between. I find that those which are ultra thin or thick are more difficult to put them on. For ultra thin one, the glue tends to dry much faster because you can’t apply too much glue. Contrary to the instruction on the packaging which indicates that you wait 30 secs for the glue to be semi dry, you should not wait for more than 10 secs. In fact many times, after finish applying to the second falsie, I’ll put on the first one. If I wait any longer, I realize the glue doesn’t stick well because it dries up too much.

For thick lash band, there’s a tendency to apply a little too much glue and in this case, wait estimated 30 secs for it to be semi dry. The falsies with thick lash band tend not to be as flexible and so don’t bend as well to fit the curve of your eyelids. Also, such falsies are heavier as well and you’ll feel the lash band on your eyelids. But usually these falsies have dense lashes and they really accentuate your eyes, making them larger and more doll-like. The effect is amazing, albeit a little dramatic. So I seldom wear such lashes to work.

I like to lay out the steps for eye make up for readers, based on my experience:

1) Put on eye moisturizer with sun screen on your eyelids and under eye areas. Some of you may think that moisturizer makes your eyelids oily and difficult for the eyeshadow or liner to stay. Yes this is a problem particularly for those with oily eyelids, but we have a way to deal with this problem. The important thing is to protect your eyelids. If you are diligent in protecting the rest of your face with sun block, why leave out the eyelids or under eye areas?

2) Apply eyelid primer. This is the solution to oily eyelids. I use Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer (available at Sephora in Singapore) which works quite well for me. It enables the eyelid area to stay matte and so the eyeshadow/eyeliner doesn’t melt or smudge from the oil. When applying anything on the eyelids or under eye areas which are rather delicate, it is advisable to use the fourth finger, which is also the weakest, so that not much pressure is exerted on them.

3) Now you apply the eyeshadows. I will first apply the highlighter below my brow before putting on eyeshadow. I usually don’t follow the whole process of applying a base shadow first ‘cos I wanna take short cut. I seldom apply a second color to the edge of my eyes too. I only go thro’ the full process for a big day/night out. After that’s done, I’ll apply eyeliner. I’ve taken a big liking to liquid eyeliner because it glides better and also has better staying power compared to pencil liner. As for cream/gel liner, I find that’s a little too much hassle. I think for most women, makeup should be practical and convenient. But like putting on falsies, make up also requires practice in order for you to be skilled at it. Anyway the eyeliner helps to guide you to apply the falsies and also makes the lash band less obvious.

4) Next, curling of eyelashes. This is important since natural lashes tend to droop and you don’t want them to be droopy when the falsies are curled. The lashes should blend nicely with the falsies. I recommend Shu Umuera eyelash curler, which is also highly recommended by many people. I realize the endorsement is true after using it. It hugs the eyelid much better than other brands.

5) Apply a thin layer of glue (white glue) on the lash band of one falsie. I know it’s hard to define thin, since it can be interpreted differently. But it’s basically learning from experience and practice. When the glue is semi dry, color becomes less whitish, hold both ends of the falsies and place them on the edge of the eyelid, as close to the lashes as possible, pressing down on both ends. This is where the eyeliner guides you. One end of the falsie should lie at the outer corner of your eyelid. Your eyelid should be half closed when putting the falsies on. Press gently on the lash band along the length to make sure the falsie sticks and not loose. If falsie is loose, you should remove it and reapply glue. Do not apply glue on the falsie when it is on your eyelid and never apply directly on your eyelid.

6) I mentioned in the previous note that you only apply glue on one falsie. This is for newbies who requires time to put it on. If you apply glue also on the other one, the glue will dry up by the time you put it on. So apply glue and put on one falsie at a time.

7) Once both falsies are put on, check that your eyelashes blend in nicely with the falsies. If you see some lashes peeking out below the falsies, apply mascara under the lashes to push them up against the falsies. Otherwise you actually do not have to apply mascara.

8) if you want, you can apply under-eye liner. If not, you can continue with the rest of the makeup like blush, bronzer and lipstick.

Now, to the part on removal of falsies. The suggestion is for you to wet a Q-tip both ends and use each end to dab along the edge of the lash band of each eyelid. This is to wet the glue on the lash band so that the lash band is loose. Only then you remove the falsie, this way the removal of the falsie doesn’t tug on the skin of the eyelid. Place the falsies on a tissue paper, again use a wet q-tip and swipe along the lash band with glue on it to soften the glue further. Then you use a tweezer to remove the glue on the lash band. Finally wet a Q-tip with eye makeup remover and clean the falsies.


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