Vietnamese food recommendation – Long Phung

My husband and I discovered this Vietnamese eatery called “Long Phung” (159, Joo Chiat Road) that serves better than the usual food as compared to Le Viet and other Vietnamese eateries. We actually had driven past a number of times and noticed quite a few Vietnamese food joints along this stretch of Joo Chiat a year back, but only decided to check out the place late last year. Initially we were wondering which one to try and noticed “Long Phung” had more customers than others and that, to us, was a good sign. And ever since then we’ve been back almost every week, so much so that I think we should be given loyalty card.

Long Phung Restaurant

Long Phung menu

At Long Phung I would usually order the beef ball pho or the seafood fried rice.

Seafood Fried Rice

Pho Thai - beef ball noodle

Actually there’s no beef ball pho in the menu, it’s a mixture of sliced beef and beef ball with noodles (Pho Tai), but you can request for it. The beef stock is pretty good and the beef balls are hand-made. I’ve also tried the duck with rice noodles. I didn’t like it ‘cos there was little meat in the duck, mostly bones.

My husband loves the Grilled Pork with Rice Noodles, which he finds very healthy as it’s full of vegetables and hardly any oil.

Grilled Pork with noodles

Grilled Pork dish featured in the menu

We also order the mango salad, occasionally the green papaya salad. Other dishes we have tried included the Fried Quails, Fried Chicken Wings, Stir-Fried Squid in Satay Sauce, Tiny Sea Snails (aka “Chook Chook”), Steamed Sea Conch (aka “Gong Gong”) and Steamed Shrimps in Coconut Juice, etc. Most of these dishes are pretty good, except for the shrimp, which I didn’t find it better than average.

Mango Salad

The place is run by Vietnamese, and you’ll find Vietnamese, backpackers and local diners. Unfortunately they only accept cash. We usually spend between $22 – $30 for two mains and a couple of sides including drinks.

Update on 24 July 2011
My husband and I had dinner at Long Phung last night, and he discovered a rusted staple bullet in a bowl of dressing for his noodle.

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