A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping at Tampines Mall and realized my right Nine West slip-on heel was yawning wide, with half the outsole loose (damn)!

My first instinct was to remove my shoes and walk barefoot, but my husband suggested buying a glue to stick back the sole. So he did and proceeded to try to glue the sole. But as it turned out and we now understand why people go to a cobbler, he made a mess of the glue and the sole just won’t stick. So we ended up walking into a Charles and Keith shop.

I spotted some funky looking shoes which I tried on. But my husband grimaced and shook his head. No? He looked at me and said, “Don’t you think you should match the shoes with the outfit? If you’re not wearing a funky outfit or don’t own any, how are you gonna match the shoes?” That’ my husband, the style guru to me. He pointed out a pair of deep purple peep-toe heels with fuchsia pink inner sole.

Charles & Keith deep purple peep-toes

Yes, they are simple and elegant. But I’ve to admit I’ve a problem with peep toe heels; my feet tend to slide out. I have to add on shoe pads and heel grips. That happened to a maroon red Aldo peep-toe heels I got last year. But as a result, the shoes were so tight I didn’t think there was any blood going to my feet. I suspect many women bought a size smaller for peep-toes. I found out from a colleague who has a pair of black Aldo peep-toes that when she bought them, they were tight. But she persevered and borne the pain, thank God the leather expanded and the shoes got more comfortable over time. What we women would do for beauty (or vanity)!!

Shoe pads inserted for tighter grip

Thank God most of my shoes are quite comfortable. I like my casual Espadrilles selected by my husband from Pedder Red. This pair is in sparkly beige and I’ve another pair in black. Even though they’re 5-in high, they’re pretty stable and comfortable because of the platform heels.

Pedder Red platforms

Then there’re the classic black pump. Like what Nina Garcia wrote in her book “The Little Black Book of Style”, every women must own a pair of classic pump. I have two in black and I’m sure most women own at least a couple.

Aldo classic black pump

Yes, sometimes I do find the black pump a little boring. Like one recent morning, I wanted to pair my modern black cheongsam with a pair of black calf-length boots. When I asked my husband for his opinion, he responded, “Haven’t you learned anything from the Nina Garcia’s book?” Well, I haven’t finished it. Anyway so it’s the sensible and dependable black pump which turns out to be the right choice. Boots are also funky footwear, at least in Singapore. But they look so good with skinny jeans or tights.

Charles & Keith Boots

One of my favorite pair of shoes is this dark green stilettos, which I seldom wear, from Gripz. This is a pair of funky looking shoes with front platform. Unfortunately I don’t have many outfits or occasions that I can wear them. This is the same mistake women make over and over again. (Note to self: do not buy shoes or anything on impulse, just because they’re funky looking.)

Gripz Stilettoes

But occasionally there’re exceptions. I’ve this pair of rather cool-looking strappy black heels from Mphosis, which are rather versatile. I can pair them with tights, skinny jeans and even dresses.

Mphosis strappy black heels

You know what? I just realized that many of my shoes are black in color. What can I say? Black is an easy color to match, and I might be a little boring with my color selection. Still I would like to get a pair of fire-engine red stilettoes. I guess I’m a closet diva.

Then there’re the non-heels. Another of Nina Garcia’s advice: get a pair of ballet flats for those moments when you can’t wear heels. That’s another basic advice to add to your wardrobe and mine is a pair of black flats from Raoul. Even though they costed me a few hundred bucks, they’ve served me well over the past few years; very well-made and comfortable, well worth the money.

Raoul Black Ballet Flats

Many years ago, I dabbled at sewing peranakan beaded shoes, using fine Czech beades. I initially sewed shoe panels using designs provided by my instructor, but subsequently I learned to design on my own, particularly focusing on modern designs. I made quite a few for myself (including two for my wedding) and others. But it’s very time-consuming work and I’ve stopped making them for quite a long time. It takes hell of a lot of patience to finish a pair of shoe panels. I know I should continue with it because these beautiful beaded panels are works of art and it’s a dying craft.

Modern beaded shoes with ribbon for straps

You’ll notice that I don’t own any branded shoes like Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahniks. I don’t really take care of my shoes very well and I’m a fast walker. It’s common for my shoes to get scratched or scraped and I know if I have one of these expensive shoes, I’ll scream bloody murder if they get scratched.

4 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. Can I buy your used pointy black pumps from you? I can’t find those pumps any where! Please help me!



      • No I can’t they don’t have the exact same style as the ones you have and the sandals that broke down on you. Do you still have them??

      • Hi Alexandria, sorry for my late reply. I searched for my shoes and couldn’t find any of the Aldo ones.i suspect I might have given them away some time ago after I felt they were not suitable for carrying a toddler around.

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