Don’t you just love weekends, especially when you don’t have to work? I don’t sleep in during weekend now, unlike some people. Well, I do wake up later but usually before 10am. When I was much younger, I only got up at noon, but that was because I went clubbing on Fri/Sat nights and you don’t wake up till the sun shines on your butts.

On Saturday mornings, I try to get up before 9am so that I can go run. In the afternoon, my husband and I like to go for a good long lunch, if possible. Last Saturday, we finally checked out the Imperial Treasures Steamboat restaurant at TripleOne Somerset. A friend recommended this place a couple of months ago but we never got to it. I was told the seafood was super fresh and quality better than J-Pot at Vivocity. Turns out she is right, and my husband, a seafood fan, falls in love with the place. As his usual practice, he ordered fresh prawns. Boy, were they fresh! They were still moving! I didn’t take any of them ‘cos I avoid peeling prawns as much as possible. (Yes, I don’t peel prawns for my husband nor any one else, since I don’t even peel for myself. I preferred my prawns to be peeled for me. :P) Like J-Pot you can mix your own sauce. But unlike J-Pot where the condiments are placed in two locations in the restaurant, they’re brought to your table at Imperial Treasures.

We ordered the ginseng chicken soup stock, lots of vege, sliced beef and prawn paste, in addition to a few dim sum dishes and a fried rice with crab meat and conpoy. We love the stock, which is light without the usual over powering ginseng flavor. The ingredients were so fresh! But the food was too much and we had to doggie-bag the dim sum and half the fried rice. It was enough to stick to the steamboat. Still we couldn’t resist, since Imperial Treasures serves pretty good dim sum (yes, better than Crystal Jade) and I love this particular fried rice which is done with wonderful “wok-Hei”. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures and so my dear husband told me we have to return this weekend.

It turns out that other restaurants in this mall have pretty good reviews too. Imperial Treasures Group also opened a Hong Kong cafe and a bakery here. There’re two Japanese restaurants on the second floor, and a Spanish restaurant, Bilbau, which I’m very keen to try.

So let me get some pictures at my next visit, and also check out the other restaurants.


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