Why I think falsies are better than mascara…

For those not in the know, “falsies” is the short-form of falsh eyelashes. Like me, I’m sure those who wear falsies have realized that no mascara in the world can produce the same effect as falsies. Seriously, you can forget about looking for the Holy Grail of mascara because no such product exists. I’ve spent a lot of money trying out various ones (Ok,  not the expensive brands like Lancome and Chanel), but  honey, none of them matched up to the falsies! You’ll be amazed at how they make your eyes pop. Even those with double eye-lids will find that falsies make a significant difference to their looks, especially for Chinese eyes. It also gives you a chance to bat your eyelids.  😉 (Man, that’ll make the guys swoon!)

I’ve tried a few falsies brands like I Nuovi, The Face Shop, Ardell, some cheap brand and right now, “Stella”. At one time I really liked the falsies from Face Shop and I bought hell of a lot of boxes, particularly during sales. They have pretty nice falsies, even pre-cut ones, but not a wide selection though. This is a pair of really dramatic ones I own.

Faceshop Falsies

I chanced upon “Stella” brand one day and have fallen in love with the falsies ever since. It offers numerous selections of shapes, sizes, and style, and one of the things I like about ‘Stella’ is that some of the falsies have thick band, producing the eye-liner effect, like this one below.

Stella thick-band falsies

Another of my favorite is this pre-cut falsies which look really natural. FYI, most of us don’t possess the genetic gift of long, large eyes. So when you buy a pack of falsies, you’ve to cut it 2/3 or 3/4 of the length of your eyes so that the falsies fit comfortable along your natural eyelashes. Particularly not too close to the inner corner of your eyes, otherwise you’ll end up with the falsies poking into your eyes. So pre-cut falsies are a convenient .

Stella pre-cut thin band falsies

Another thing I love about Stella falsies is that they are hand-made and that means the lash is individually sewn. So when you clean them after use, you don’t get hell of a lot of the lashes falling out or the falsies disintegrating, which happened to the other brands after a couple of use.

Falsie Glue

Stella has its own glue which you have to buy separately unlike most other brands like I Nuovi or The Face Shop. It’s not cheap, at more than S$7 per small bottle.

Stella Falsies Glue

Honestly, don’t bother to buy Stella glue because it’s not sticky enough for the falsies to stay on the whole day. In fact my falsies became loose so quickly that I had to buy get another glue brand to stick them back on. Of all the falsie glue I’ve tried, the Face Shop glue is most sticky but as a result, the toughest to remove.

Face Shop Falsie Glue

So far a good balance of stickiness and easy of removal is the one from Duo.

Duo Falsie Glue

The Duo glue comes in two packaging for the clear-white glue: 7gm and 14gm. Get the 7gm one because the opening tip of the 14gm is pretty big and not easy to apply onto the falsie lashband. In fact I’ve to apply it onto a Q-tip first for easy application, which can be a pain when I’m rushing for time.

In Singapore’s humid weather, there’s a risk of the falsies becoming loose because of oil around the eye area. So, always have a spare glue in your wallet to stand by for emergency application.

So there, these are my thoughts on the falsie brands and glue. If you’re interested to check out the Stella falsies, the website is http://www.champstar.com/. I admit I’m a member of Stella brand, but no, I’m not the owner,  shareholder, friend or in any way related to the owner.


One thought on “Why I think falsies are better than mascara…

  1. Hey! I’m guessing you haven’t tried Younique’s 3D fiber lash mascara! Better than falsies! You get the look without the hassle and mess of fake lashes! See for yourself! We have a 14 day challenge. If you buy it and don’t like it, you can’t send it back for a full refund! I would love to see a review in your blog about that! 🙂

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